Beyond the Fox

Beyond the Fox

Having fun with little creature and more tiny humans~

These are originally posted on my Patreon for pledgers in advance:

Including another possibly slightly malicious emoticon 

Now you may acquire uncompressed version on my Nextcloud:

Foxes Playground

Hey, which are you playing with?

Sky is not the limit 🌥️

As usual?
What’s outside the sky is …
Are you having a good time?

Made by MikuMikuDance and Affinity Photo, assets used listed below:

  • Models
    • PDFT RaspberryFox Rin / Designed by Hiro Tamura in Project DIVA Future Tone , Rip and modding by WeFade and Foobarz
  • Background
    • マシシのお家 MassiHouse / マシシ
    • Floating Island / ?
    • M諸島セット ver1.2 / 銀匙Pwith below additional credits:



  • Effects
    • Diffusion7, ExcllentShadow2,SvDOF2, ScSSAO, / そぼろ
    • GreenerShader ver1.12 / 下っ腹P
    • Scale.fx / 針金P( 舞力介入P氏のfull.fx改変 )

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