Some of the new attempts I have made and am making.

Since English is not my primary language, please forgive me for some strange grammar caused by using machine translation 🙂

What have I been up to?

Looks like I’m the guy who’s trying out new ideas everywhere ……

The untitled project about one year old (?)

Although it seems that work has been suspended for a long time due to a lot of things related to the Chinese community, etc. 😂

So, although perhaps a little too fast-paced, the next step is the “interaction” between her and a city~

Some of the self-hosting services I am using

Perhaps because of my previous work experience, I also agree with the idea that decentralised services can defend your freedom and have built a few for myself.

There are some named combination with Foxvile (“狐狸村”), as you may see I like foxes a lot. 🦊

  • (Kitsune Playroom) , a PeerTube instance for placing my game recordings and avoid tense copyright declarations that you don’t know when you’ll meet. If I have time to study animation production in the future, I would also consider putting my work on it?
  • (Kitsune Cloud) , a Nextcloud instance for placing my graphical works and other stuffs.
  • (Kitsune Wiki) , a wiki with the goal of introducing giantess culture to newcomers and collect information about creators and works. Although the content is currently mainly in Chinese.

Although the softwares I use have good localisation support themselves, some areas such as site information or other customisation may not be as easily supported in multiple languages. While If you have the same philosophy as me, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me 🙂

Something updates about my Patreon creator page

You may notice my Patreon creator page is back again after I turned it down some days ago. It’s reserved for the link to my last game.

Since I personally support open access somewhat, I don’t lock my own finished work behind some wall. (The backer version of the last release is no different from the regular version except for the default decrypted images used in the game and the increased resolution.) That’s why I’ve often set it to “early access” before. While Patreon is also a good way to support the other work I’m doing if you’re also supporting it. (Although I may have to spend some time designing new member levels and benefits ……)

Maybe there’s something out there watching me like this too ……






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