These are originally posted on my Patreon for pledgers in advance.
Now you may acquire uncompressed version on my Nextcloud: , Below each paragraph are the notes for the respective directory in which they are located.

Part 1 – Beginning


This building is just right for me to sit on it.

“You guys want me to step on you? What a strange crowd.”

Part 2 – Together Funs


“Hey, don’t take the pleasure alone.”

So, I’m going to put my foot down~

Part 3 – When Great Rin Chan Got Bigger ~

(rins_20220701) Originally posted on Patreon as part 4.

Part 4 – Raspberry Fox Show Time ~

(rins_20220622 / rins_20220623 / rin_20220629 ) Originally posted on Patreon as part 3.






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