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Part III – Extra Level

Protagonist on stage, and more~

Extra Side A – Stand up~

Extra Side B – Until dirts …

“I was always here until you clung to the soles of my feet like dust, hehehe…”

Other (may boring) stuffs πŸ™‚

I didn’t realise the size of the alternative file could be so large…
Then this time I didn’t have time to change the view because of the preparation of two poses, and the smaller scale details didn’t yield more because of the precision of the operation and so on, I have to continue the translation of SatoriSimulatorMZ now …… I’m a little exhausted oh.
(Written on 1/20/2023)

One More Extra : Some minor works used in my tweets πŸ™‚

The Great Rin Chan’s Looming~

Originally posted on .

Sleeping Rin Chan πŸ˜ͺ

Originally posted on .

Another peaceful anniversary πŸ₯°

“Is this a memento you have prepared for yourself?”

“Maybe, but more memorable ones are yet to come,Hehehe…”

“Don’t you think so, guys over there?”

Foxes and Earth

“This little earth may be a tasty candy to me~”

“Well, then what would you be to me?” , one of them is used as my new Twitter avatar wither:






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