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  • Some panoramic experiments.

    Some panoramic experiments.

    Thanks this tutorial 🙂 (https://twitter.com/yoshxmmd/status/1535597411770458112) These are originally posted on my Patreon for pledgers in advance. Now you may acquire uncompressed version on my Nextcloud: https://amatsu.kitsunes.world/s/T4MRgzG2nt3XEf3 , Below each paragraph are the notes for the respective directory in which they are located. By the way, the one above is a screen I recently added to […]

  • More and More Rin chans 🍊

    More and More Rin chans 🍊

    20220616 – Generations 20220620 – Here comes more ~ The uncompressed and alternative view versions are available on my Patreon post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/68005440

  • Twins playing

    Twins playing

    It looks like I like twins a lot, especially when they are one large to one small? Galleries (It doesn’t matter but I always find it funny to hear this lines from enemies in Cyberpunk 2077.) (In that case, it seems I’ve also used a theme setting similar to the contract a few times.) (Although…