It looks like I like twins a lot, especially when they are one large to one small?


Hello, where are you~

(It doesn’t matter but I always find it funny to hear this lines from enemies in Cyberpunk 2077.)

What a good little child. Then the deed stands.

(In that case, it seems I’ve also used a theme setting similar to the contract a few times.)

Time for us to go~ –Can’t you take me away properly?

(Although I was under her feet, I guess, she would have kept me safe, at least from being trampled to a pulp by her.)

In this way, I’ve always had the look of a bigger than protagonist in my stories before too.

Other sides

It contains portrait versions and some other stuffs which not used before.

And you may get uncompressed version on my Nextcloud or ArDrive.

(Since ArDrive cannot share a folder currently, please navigate to Foo.Works/rin_20220414 manually, sorry for this inconvenience.)

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2 responses to “Twins playing”

  1. 幻影双叶酱 Avatar

    Looks good, Compared to Blender where it’s hard to have a very good render (Probably because I used linear colorspace instead of sRGB?)
    I thought I can write a storyline with these pictures (in English). 😃

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